A short film that I served as writer/director/editor on.

A web series pilot that I served as the editor on.

An unoffical TV spot I cut for Inception Blu Ray release.

An unofficial TV spot I cut using footage from the “Halo 3 Starry Night” “Halo: Reach CGI Trailer” “Halo: ODST CGI/Live Action Trailer” and the “Halo Wars CGI Trailers”.

Made for educational purposes.

An abstract piece I cut together from footage shot in Providence.

A slower paced abstract piece I cut from home video footage taken from various trips in and around Boston.

A short piece If shot/cut with the Canon 7D, focusing on the almost ballet motions of the clouds above.

A 3 min piece I performed editing work on for the Video Club at New England Institute of Technology. We were required to include an object in our story, in this case, a journal/notebook. And then end the short film on a different item, for the next group to use for their continuation of the story (Chapter 2).